Gold 2023 with stars

Happy New Year to all! I would like to wish each of you a gentle, sweet, and happy New Year! Let’s have some fun. I am going to break down the year 2023 numerologically.

The Number 2

In the positive, the 2 represents tact, cooperation, teamwork, diplomacy, being the “bridge” between two sides. It also represents choices. In the challenged, the 2 can be poor choices, addiction, co-dependence, any kind of just plain craziness. It is up to all of us individually and collectively to decide whether the 2 is expressed as teamwork or more post-COVID craziness.

The Number 0

Zero is the all or nothing number. It signifies all possibilities!

The Number 2

Again, in the positive the 2 represents tact, cooperation, teamwork, diplomacy, being the “bridge between two sides.” It also represents choices. Again, in the challenged the 2 can bring in poor choices, addiction, co-dependence or just plain craziness. This craziness can be road rage drivers to actual mental illness, as just two of the examples.

Since there are two #2’s there will be an amplification of the 2 energy. It is very much up to each and everyone of us to choose whether we express the positive qualities or the challenges of this 2.

The Number 3

 This number represents communication, a general sense of easiness, children, the arts (the number of artists), and creativity.

Add 2+0+2+3 together and you have the #7!
The year 2023 will present the aspects and concerns of the #7!

This year will reveal secrets to the public. This could be about a specific person, or situation.

This could be political, social, or cultural. This influence can be exemplified on December 20, 2022 when Donald Trump’s tax record was finally revealed! Remember that numerological influences just like astrological influences have a pre (before the New Year, in this case) and a post (as 2023 winds down) influence. I expect more revelations like this as the year progresses. Secrets that were never meant to be public will be revealed.