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Lina Natale is a master numerologist and energy worker in Indianapolis, focused on healing. She is incredibly fortunate to have been mentored in Numerology by Jackie Suggs. Jackie was an incredible numerologist and energy worker! She was even known to assist local politicians with her readings. She was a true conduit for manifesting energy! Lina has practiced Numerology for over thirty years thanks to Jackie’s foundation!

Lina Natale is a Silva Method of Meditation graduate. Silva specializes in energy work through meditative visualization. She has given seminars at Borders Bookstores, taught Numerology at Lawrence Community College, and been interviewed by Women’s Life Link. Lina is also a member of IAW. More information about Lina Natale can be found on LinkedIn.

At one time, Lina owned a successful interior design business. Her practice focused on modern, contemporary design. Some of Lina’s designs were featured in Indianapolis Monthly magazine. Her studies in the Italian language and culture at Loyola University in Chicago were helpful in her design business and continue to be helpful today. 

Lina recently completed a ten-year journey caregiving for her mother with Alzheimer’s. She now has the time and energy to focus on her passion of numerology and healing energy work.

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